Genul acesta de combinatie blug-blug nu este pe gustul tuturor putand parea pentru unii banala, neinspirata sau ca trimite cu gandul la un costum. Eu sunt de parere ca atunci cand alegi nuante potrivite de blug si le combini cu o camasa sau un top tip corset, rezultatul este unul foarte chic. Camasa-fusta, camasa-jeansi, top-jeansi…etc, sunt multe optiuni, ca sa nu mai zic de camasa stransa intr-un nod, bagata in blugi, lasata peste, taiata.


This type of combination denim-denim is not a combination that everyone likes because it may seem boring, uninspired or that it brings the idea of a costume. My opinion is that when you find the right shades/colours of jeans and you combine them with a shirt or a bralet, the result is a very chic one. Shirt-skirt,shirt-jeans, bralet/top-jeans and of course not to mention the shirt tightened in a knot, tucked in jeans, or just left hanging.

10259471_684347558289530_472131764_n (2)


Outfit details:

Denim shirt – Vintage

Jeans – Zara

Bag – H&M

Sneakers – Converse

jm ij uj

tumblr_nc3murMClw1rj0p6co1_500 tumblr_nc47v8QVNT1rkpsx9o2_500


Rihanna poarta des astfel de combinatie, si arata foarte foarte bine!


Rihanna wears often this kind of combination and it looks and suits her very well.



Sa nu uitam insa ca exista si salopete de blug, rochii de blug, care de altfel purtate corect, arata foarte bine.


Oh, and let`s not forget that there exist denim overalls, denim dresses, that when worn correctly, they look very good.

MILAN FASHION WEEK #MFW Street Style - DAY ONE tumblr_nbqwtiVT8l1r4lxqto1_500

Daca aveti intrebari sau aveti de nevoie de un sfat, astept comentariile voastre.


If you need any advice or if you have any questions, feel free to comment.



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